Easy Way To Connect A Turntable To A Hi-Fi System!

Hi-fi system installation is something that is not easy to practice for beginners.  People have been choosing for the turntable as it looks aesthetic, adding a vintage look to your house. And people spend much time reading reviews on sound gear, to make the best choice. You need to follow up on the different instructions for connecting different types of a turntable for your HiFi systems.

You need to be familiar with phono and line signals differentiation to understand the functioning of the device. If you are interested in learning how to connect a turntable to a hi-fi system and making it simpler for connecting to top-notch products.

How to connect a turntable to a hi-fi system?

You need to understand the phono, preamp, and other audio devices that assist in having a better experience without any hassle. The preamp has the basic functionality of transmitting audio signals to different audio devices. There are turntables that you can choose that are provided with a built-in preamp that can be used without getting a preamp.

Turntable Hi-Fi System

For connecting the turntable correctly, you need to get familiar if the preamp is inhibited into turntable or not. You can check the switch on the back that has labeled phono/line; if it’s there, it has a built-in preamp, and if not, you have to get it separately.

Amplifiers, receivers, and powered speakers also have a built-in preamp, and if any of your stereo systems have a built-in preamp, you don’t have to get it separately and play vinyl records.

All about connecting turntable!

Once you have understood regarding the turntable and preamp, you need to further check your turntable. A phono signal is needed to be connected to the phono input as phono inputs are compatible with phono outputs only; the same goes for line output turntable.

Connect vinil to hi fi

You need to connect RCA cable from the turntable to one of the line or preamp inputs onto the receiver. Once you have connected the RCA connector from the turntable to cd input on the receiver, you can set up the turntable. For playing records on vinyl records, select cd source selector over the receiver.

Additionally, for preamp turntables connect, ensure to set mm/mc for turntable having moving magnet cartridge.


In conclusion, different turntables are connected in a different way, so you need to keep a check on instructions. However, a preamp is required for connecting the turntable to the hi-fi system and experience satisfactory listening on vinyl records. Ensure that you take complete information on how to sync the turntable and hi-fi system and enjoy listening.