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Everywon was founded in 2015 based on the belief that sports have the power to not only improve people's lives but also entire communities.


We feel that now more than ever communities need positive reasons to come together to connect, share, collaborate and celebrate all that is great about the towns and cities where we live. Sporting events are a great way to do that with a fun and healthy atmosphere. If we all come together to help projects and people in our areas that need help, then step-by-step we improve the quality of life in our communities. 


As Everywon expands its reach city-by city, eventually we will have created sustainable positive impact for the entire country. This is at the core of our "improvement through movement" philosophy and what we mean when we say that "when everyone contributes, everyone wins".


Our business approach is to create a healthier ecosystem where all stakeholders and participants enjoy benefits and ROI. We hope you will join our movement.


What we believe...

 Everywon company manifesto.  Everywon inc. company mission statement.
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United Nations SDG Partnership

Everywon is proud to announce a new partnership with the United Nation's Global Sustainbility Index Institute (UNGSII).  Through this partnership, we are actively supporting the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals program.  Kicking off in 2017 and expanding to multiple global cities in 2018, Everywon will produce running events designed for school children ages 5 - 18. The new "Everywon Youth SDG" events are designed to reinforce SDG education that these children will receive in their local schools. Everywon run/walk events allow children to take their SDG learnings out of the classroom and put them into practice in their local communities, where they will select local non-profit organizations to support that are dealing with specific SDG issues. In this way we turn theory into practice, while at the same time promoting good health and nutrition via a community based sports event. In 2018, all Everywon Youth SDG events will take place around October 24th, in coordination with other activities celebrating Global UN Day and promoting global awareness of the SDGs.

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